Hairdressers & Barbers

We at Excalibur Sharpening Service understand that your scissors and clippers are your livelihood, therefore we take great care and pride in our service. We prefer to visit your salon where we can consult with you and make sure that they are set up perfectly to your requirements. 

We also service and sharpen left-handed scissors and thinning/sculpturing scissors.

Catering & Chefs

Everyone uses knives in their homes but if you also use them in your business or profession then we can keep them sharp with our professional service. We use a cold-water grinding system so no heat is put into the blade. The knife is held in a specialized mounting jig that can be set to any required angle to produce a perfect edge every time, they're then honed to a fine edge on a leather wheel. We are able to re-profile broken tips or edges and dress out minor damage to your blade.

Equine & Pet Groomers

We are able to sharpen nearly all types and manufacturers of equine, small livestock and pet clipper blades. Each blade is cleaned and inspected for wear or damage i.e broken or missing teeth and will be noted and advised on the client invoice. If any blade is found to be at the end of its safe working life we will inform the client prior to any work being carried out.

As most pet clipper blades are one unit, we dis-assemble then inspect each component for wear or damage and replace at additional cost if necessary. Once both blade sections are sharpened, they are then cleaned, oiled, re-assembled, adjusted, tensioned and tested. 

Carpentry & Joinery

We are able to offer a service to professionally sharpen your woodworking and carpentry tools. We use a cold-water grinding system so no heat is put into the blade. Tools are mounted on a selection of specialist tooling jigs which can be set to whatever degree bevel angle is required then honed on a leather wheel.


We offer a professional sharpening service for most garden equipment. 

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